Call for abstract

Share your knowledge around the world at the C&FC 2018 in December 10 – 14, 2018, Bangkok, Thailand.


Catalysis and Find Chemical 2018 opens for abstract in 6 fields both oral and poster presentation as the following:

  • Selective catalytic reaction for synthesis of fine chemicals
  • New synthetic strategy, and chemical processes
  • Green & sustainable catalytic processes, and reaction media
  • Enhanced atom utilization
  • Precise olefin polymerization
  • Industrial catalytic processes

Abstract structure

Authors are asked to observe the following criteria:


The title of the abstract should be concise and in bold, Times New
Roman, 12 pt. Full capitalization is not necessary.

Authors1, 2, Presenting author underlined, Times New Roman, italic, 10 pt. The
corresponding author should be marked with an asterisk (*).

1Affiliation, Times New Roman, 10 pt
2Affiliation, Times New Roman, 10 pt

         Abstracts must be typed in English using single line, 10 point font size, and the preferred font is Times New Roman, intention left 0.5 cm (first line only), margins top, left, right, bottom all 2.5 cm. The whole of the abstract must be contained within one page A4 sheet in portrait layout.

The references should be cited in the text as superscripted number1 and the reference should be added after the text using the format below.

Figures should be cited in the text (Fig.x). Each Figure should have captions in Times New Roman, 10pt. Schemes are not required to have caption, but can be included (Scheme x).

Document will only be accepted in word version. Please note that the abstract book will be published in gray scale. Chemical structures may be drawn using Chem Draw etc. 

Figure X. Describe content of Figure

1 X. Surname, Y. Surname, J. Am. Chem. Soc. Year, volume, pages

Name (Presenter)

Affiliation, Country:
Phone: +xxx, Fax: +xxx, E-mail: name@xxx
Research interests: yyy, yyyy, yyyy




Abstract submission

  • All abstracts must be submitted the congress website only.
  • The online submission system will be closed on August 31, 2018 at 24:00 hr. Abstracts submitted after the system closure will not be accepted.


Abstract Acceptance Notification

  • Notification of acceptance/rejection will be sent via email to the corresponding author only on or before September 15, 2018. If you have not received the notifying email by September 15, 2018, please contact


Presenter is required to pay the registration fee payment not later than September 30, 2018 to have the abstract published in the Congress abstract book/e-book. Should the author not follow either of these, C&FC reserves the right not to include the author’s work in the book.